Master Bedroom Reveal

This room changes almost as much as the living room, but it makes sense because we’re in here A LOT, and therefore it deserves the best. I needs naps people, and at least 9 hours of sleep!



So I’m very excited about the “recent” changes I’ve made in here. I used the bunny ears, because I did this a while ago, but needed to wait until we got new bedding to pull everything together. And now it’s done (minus the paint color – but seriously, am I ever really going to change that?).


P1030949   P1030944


P1030927     P1030947


P1030935   P1030945


Aside from the bookshelf moving from the living room, to here, we also purchased new sheets and a duvet cover. The previous navy blue one, was from Target, but was itchy, and collected lint like that was its job. This duvet version is better fabric and from Ikea, so it wasn’t a stretch to replace. Those sheets on the other hand, were just a moment of weakness. But Anthropologie gets me every time. Plus, I take much better naps in here now, so they’re well worth it!

Happy Decorating!



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DIY Fail

As you know, I haven’t been around here lately. The summer laziness has taken hold and my projects have been slim to none. I did however, attempt one recently. And that was to paint this cabinet navy blue.

When I took it out of the box two years ago, I immediately hated the color. I was going for a mustard yellow, but this was more of the fluorescent variety. Why didn’t I just take it back? Well, this was prior to me growing a backbone and just returning things I didn’t like. So it stayed with us through the move and has bounced from room to room.


Of course a few months after the purchase, Target came out with millions of colors. I won’t list them in order of appearance here, as I’d like to stay as sane seeming online as humanly possible. But, eventually, they came to navy blue – which we all know is my jam.

So I got out the paint and supplies I had from the bathroom vanity, hauled the sucker down to the garage and started the makeover.

Rufio was supposed to be my project manager to make sure that I didn’t screw up. Unfortunately, he just people watched the whole time which is why I blame him for this DIY fail.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 6.53.39 PM

The main cabinet itself worked out just fine, but the doors were a huge pain. The glass doesn’t come off so I had to figure out how to protect it and that’s where things took a turn.

Wha – Whaaa :/

P1030908   P1030910P1030957

you tried

Well, I was a bit of a wreck about it. It had reached a point where I felt physically ill looking at my defeat, day in and day out. And that’s when my husband in shining armor came in – along with Target’s Black Friday in July sale. We bought a replacement for 20% off and no shipping, and I’m awaiting it’s arrival with bated breath.

Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but nowadays, I can’t stand it when I’m unable to fix something ASAP. Where was this person 2 years ago? I could have saved money, time and disappointment!

I guess that’s just how life works sometimes. You live and you learn. And then you buy the actual cabinet you should’ve gotten in the first place.

Happy DIYing!



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Hello Strangers

Ok, so I’m alive, I promise. I know I’ve been slacking on the content and posts lately. At first, I blamed it on the heat.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 5.42.29 AM

Seasonal Fashion Choices by Maya Kern / aka I hate summer

However this week, I blame it on a bad case of the lazies. To tide y’all over, here’s a look back at some recent “adventures” via Instagram (which is where you can find me if I’m not here).

I threw a pity party for my sister, whose boyfriend went off to the Marines. Obviously food solves everything.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 5.45.10 AM

Rufio found a cat in the bushes and pounced. He now checks everyday, just in case.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 5.45.29 AM

I envied my mom for being in the best place on Earth (aside from Disneyland).

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 5.45.56 AM

As you can see, loads of things are happening…which is a complete lie, so here’s a gif to distract you:



Here’s to hoping next week’s more productive!

Happy Summer!


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Show & Tell

1|| Farewell Paperie Etsy


2|| When I Grow Up’s DIY Firework Stencil


3|| Olivia’s Nursery Reveal


4|| Decor & The Dog’s DIY Industrial Lamp

How to Make Your Own Industrial Lamp

5|| Bijou Karmen’s Garlands

535199acb120b067b5b60571c287e6ceHappy Blogging!



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Dani’s Dorm Room

I can not believe that my little sister is going off to college. It feels like just yesterday, she was going to her first day of  elementary school in pigtails.

I’m very excited for her new adventure, but let’s be honest, I’m even more excited for her dorm room. So of course, I made up a mood board for her. Behold, the coolest dorm on the planet:

OB-Dani's Dorm


Just in case anything strikes your fancy, the sources are below.

Bedding|| Pillow|| Nightstand|| Lamp|| Picture Frame|| Knobs || Piggy Bank|| Floral Print|| City Print|| Amazing Print|| Terrarium|| Pinboard|| Hello Beautiful Box||

Happy Shopping!


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Fiddle Leaf Fig

It’s been months since I’ve purchased both my fiddle leaf figs, and they’re still alive. I’ll admit though, that the one in the dining room is lasting much better than the one in the bedroom.

P1030092   P1030022

These things are finicky to say the least. Don’t water them too much but don’t let them completely dry out. Let them have sunlight but don’t put them in directly in front of it. Don’t make direct eye contact but keep admiring them. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!

To try and maintain their happiness aside from sometimes watering and sometimes giving it sunlight – you need to also make sure to clean off the leaves every once in a while. It’s the same thing you’d need to do with your face.

P1030719 P1030721 P1030725

But I’m feeling we’re nearing the end with this one.

dying plant 2 3 4

Luckily there are some great faux ones out there to choose from, when if this one fails. Take a look at Kirsten’s post to see all the options!

Faux Fiddle Leaf Figs

 Happy Gardening!


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Show & Tell

1|| Young House Love’s Gallery Wall


2|| Greg Klassen’s River Tables


3|| Emily Henderson’s DIY Table


4|| Kristin Davis Designs’ Pineapple Wall 


5|| Anthony D’Argenzio’s East Village Apartment Before & After 



Happy Blogging!


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Kitchen Makeover

I have a lot to say about this kitchen. I want white cabinets, stainless steal appliances, a farmhouse sink, new countertops and a gorgeous backsplash. But, this isn’t our forever home and we wouldn’t see much of a return on investment.

However, the things I could change are the paint color and to redecorate the countertops.



Now I have a bright blue kitchen with fewer accessories – mostly white to pretend I have white cabinets.


P1030894   P1030892


P1030885   P1030889




Alex and I are debating to paint the cabinets. He’s afraid it won’t look professional and I just want to avoid the headache, tantrums and breakdowns of the actual work. I could use some helpful input if you’ve got it. Mainly, a magic fairy that will paint them for us at no cost…


 Happy Decorating!



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Organizing Projects & Inability to Use B-Day Presents in a Timely Manner

One of my first projects this summer was to update our file folders. I finally broke out my label maker (a birthday present…7 months ago…). Then to add some color, because of reasons, I put washi tape on the folder tabs.


I had a large garbage bag full of papers to shred, by the time I cleaned the files out. Now everything has its place and I can easily find anything I’d ever need.


Next up was getting our budget in order. Each month we write down all our expenses in their specific category so we can sort out our spending habits. I know that there are programs to do this, but I’m much more of a pen and paper girl when it comes to lists.

So I broke out yet another birthday present from a couple years ago (man I’m bad at that…) and laminated the charts.

P1030805   P1030811 P1030813

I’ve got to say that being organized is such a weight off one’s shoulders, especially when it comes to all the papers we end up with (bills, doctor records, pay stubs, taxes, etc). So if you need help or direction, or local and just want me to do it for you; I’m happy to do so!

Happy Organizing!


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Painting & Thrifting

I hope you all had a great weekend! We celebrated the 4th with some good friends and good food.

Then like the good little decorator I am, I started painting at 9pm, because what better way to celebrate our independence than painting the kitchen?

A combination of 3 rollers, several Cokes and 7 hours later, I was done!


Yes, it is becoming abundantly clear that I need to paint the cabinets white. But I don’t wanna.

I’ll be styling the kitchen this week so y’all can get the full effect of how awesome this color is!

I also had the Goodwill Gods smile upon me on Saturday. Aside from bobbleheads of all members from N*Sync with certificates of authenticity, mind you, I found the some little measuring hedgies!! I instantly knew these were discontinued from Anthropologie and wondered why on earth someone would part with them. I grabbed them tight and just recently let go to write this post.

hedgehog cups

So how did you celebrate the 4th? Any good thrifting finds lately?

Happy Monday!


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