Introducing “Knock it Off”

Did you know that there is someone out there that stole my name? Ok, maybe not. I do believe she is older than me, and I guess there’s room for 2 Sabrinas in the design community. But that’s it I tell you!

Sabrina Soto is most well known for her role with HGTV and creating spaces on a budget. She has a series called, “The High – Low List” that shows the budgeted version of pricier counterparts.


What’s funny is that I basically do the same thing. I’m constantly on the hunt for great deals, and enjoy knowing where I can purchase a knock off item, even if it’s not something I actually want or need for myself. I’d like to start sharing this knowledge here, so this “talent” doesn’t go to waste. And now you have 2 Sabrinas helping you get great looks for great prices!

And just so I don’t leave you hanging, here is one of my favorite knock offs so far:

West Elm’s Box Framed Coffee Table – $349

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.38.24 AM

Target’s Mixed Metal Coffee Table – Was $120 on sale for $109.65


Happy Shopping!


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A Comfy New Corner

This is the tale of the traveling chair. It has been in the living room, the bedroom and now it’s in our office.

P1020637  P1020924

My most recent project, is creating an office space for both Alex and I to hang out and relax in. His way of doing this, is video games or “market research” as he makes them for a living, while my way is reading blogs and magazines. Naturally this requires a big, comfy chair and a spot to put my coffee. So my chair has a new home… again.


P1030571   P1030574


I love my new corner -


It’s ok Swayze, I opted for this corner, so we’re good!

As for the rest of the office, I still need 7 frames and 2 shelves from Ikea. Then I’ll fake a clean work space for 5 minutes at which point I’ll take pictures and call it done.

Happy Relaxing!


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Pillow Talk

I have a thing for pillows. I need ALL of them in order to function as a human being. In fact, I’d like to bring up that Maslow missed a tier on his hierarchy; the top portion should be pillows.

P1030508   P1030500


I literally just spent two months drooling over one at ModCloth. They teased me with fun little notes of “Coming Soon” and promising it would be available in April. It took 14 damn days to finally show up online, but this sucker is now on its way!

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 5.59.13 PM

Of course this does not quench my thirst for more. I wrote a quick email to Danielle Oakey after seeing this beauty in her living room. She responded immediately with sources to get the pillow or just the fabric. Unfortunately for us all, this ish is expensive, especially if you want the dragon to be included – of course I want the dragon! I’m still working on a plan to justify $100 for a pillow to Alex…

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.00.11 PM

Update: Yeah, so I found Stuck on Hue, another seller on Etsy (who also has a home blog of her own – holla!) and picked that bad boy up for a great price. She puts the patter on both sides y’all and it’s less than $100!


Even though I will now have 2 more awesome pillows to the mix, it’s still not enough to satisfy my pillow-mania. Here are several others on my list:


1|| 2|| 3|| 4|| 5|| 6|| 7|| 8|| 9||

Oh lordy, I have a problem…Please send help or more pillows!

Happy Shopping!


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I’m Terrified of the Easter Bunny

Good Morning Everyone! I hope your Easter egg hunts have all been successful. I’m currently procrastinating on laundry and grocery shopping, aka the typical Sunday at the Keefe household.



I did manage to “adult” enough over the weekend to not feel too guilty over my latest laziness. Rufio finally got his hair cut after a few months. I asked for him to be shaved for the Spring. He now looks like a little rat:

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 9.29.44 AM

Crickey! Here’s a treat. If you look closely, you can see me above, in my natural habitat – blogging. I finished a couple projects and working on some posts now. I totally count that as adulting; it did require me to make the bed after all…

Well, I guess I’ll let you all return to your Easter festivities. May all your dealings with that bunny be less terrifying than these encounters.

Happy Easter!



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Show & Tell

Each week I like to recap inspiring projects, home tours, crafts, decor or articles that I’ve enjoyed and share them here, with you. These are some bits and pieces of the internet that I think you should see.

1 || Yellow Brick Home’s Work Room



2|| View Along the Way’s Free Printable


3 || Land of Nod’s Composition Rug


4|| Elsie’s Article on A Beautiful Mess: My Space to Learn


5|| Vintage Revival’s Bedroom Makeover for Macie



Happy Blogging!


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Introducing “Upgraded”

For those of you who know me, or have followed me in the past; you might have picked up on my habit of not leaving furniture or decor alone. There are many great pieces out there that are almost perfect, but in the words of 90′s R&B star, Brandy, “Almost doesn’t count” (#tbt!).

For example, our Ikea Hemnes Dresser. We added gold brackets and knobs and turned it into a unique piece:


There’s also the time I painted the black organizer I bought at TJ Maxx:



Or when I added gold lines the Ikea Malma mirrors:


And who could forget the new Anthropologie knobs and gold dipped legs of our Ikea Hemnes nightstands?



Huh, I’m sensing a gold theme here…

I regret nothing moriarty

If you’re not watching Sherlock, then we have problems

To continue this tradition, I’d like to start a new series called “Upgraded” where I take a home decor item or piece of furniture and add my personal touch. And, if or when I run out of steam, I’ll showcase fellow bloggers on their projects as well.

I don’t want to leave you with past projects, so here is one of my most recent upgrades. I’m currently working on making our den livable and enjoyable. This meant getting a new desk for Alex that had storage. As fate would have it, Ikea has drawers they named “Alex“.


Of course, they were a little boring so I spruced them up with Martha Stewart’s Adhesive Metal Bookplates (available at Staples). It only took about 5 minutes to apply and they make a huge impact.


I will eventually get around to labeling them. Alex has suggested, “crap, junk, stuff, other and miscellaneous.” I might actually take him up on those.

Happy Upgrading!


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Living Room Updates

I’ve literally lost track of how many times I’ve updated our living room. It’s hard to believe that it used to be green, with a failed DIY coffee table, a busy bookshelf and an empty wall. Luckily for all of you, I have the pictures to prove it:


P1020643   P1020637


Sometimes it can be fun taking a trip down memory lane, looking at all your poor style choices. But remember, just like Tina Fey here, there’s always hope. And with that said, here’s my most up to date tour of our living room:

I made the gray walls pop, with West Elm’s mustard, chevron print curtains. Then brought more color in with the bright blue World Market chair. At night this corner was very dark, but this Ikea lamp fixes that right up. Then to continue with my gold obsession, I picked up this new side table from Target and added a couple small accessories but made sure to have enough room for a coffee and a book.


I added a Bambi to an Urban Outfitter’s terrarium I made, and picked up another succulent in pink pot from Home Depot for the sole reason that it was pink. A few family mementos top off the rest of our mantle.

P1030503  P1030504

Meet our replacement coffee table from Ikea! I keep my favorite home decor books and HGTV mags close at hand. The snake box (discontinued from Target) holds a couple ugly remotes and sits next to Anthropologie coasters, and a Target mister.


P1030511  P1030512

I put up my Ikea Malma mirrors to one side of my World Market canvas. The art on its own wasn’t large enough and I feel like it balances out the wall out with the bookshelf to the side.


I’ve got a couple of pillows but would like to add many more! The ikat pattern is from Ikea and the orange pom pom pillow is from Anthropologie. I don’t have a great picture of the concrete laptop table from World Market but its served me well.

P1030508  P1030505

And no room is complete without a pouf, this one is specifically from Land of Nod.


And there you have it, sources and all! I’d like to think I’m finally set with my latest version (stop laughing). The only improvement I want to make, is to replace the blinds with something like these. And maybe a new couch someday. But I’m not in any hurry to replace this big guy. I’ve had many glorious naps on it and I’d hate to be disloyal to something that brings me so much joy.


How often does your living room change?

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Happy Monday


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Spring is finally here in Seattle (at least for a few days) and it made me very productive and outdoorsy.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.34.26 PM

Saturday was the day to get rid of some furniture once and for all! I successfully sold our Ikea Hemnes cabinet on Craigslist, I didn’t get cheated out of money or murdered. So I chalk that up to a win. We also dropped off one of these for a cousin who will put it to better use. All of this helps lead us to our dream Nerderarium, which I can’t wait to finish and show you.

We also got outside for long walks with Rufio. Exploring trails and peeing on ALL the things, is his favorite. But by the end, he could barely keep up and often plopped himself down for mini naps in the shade. Eventually Alex carried him the rest of the way home, then up the stairs to finally set him down in front of his water dish. He lives the good life.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.29.54 PM

And last but not least, I worked on this blog, that you’re currently enjoying, while procrastinating on work. I’ve updated our banner to reflect a brighter, happier CdK!




Then improved the About, Bloglovin, Home Tour and Contact pages. I highly suggest you check them out for more of your work procrastination needs.

And there you have it, I’m officially back.


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Hello Out There

If you’re a loyal reader (which I’m guessing could just be my mom – hi mom!), then you might have noticed some changes. I’ve removed all of my posts for a fresh start. I really took Spring Cleaning seriously this year!

You see, “Blogland” was getting a bit much. I was overwhelmed with all the people I followed and got a bit down by comparison. Then inspiration went out the door. I was phoning it in with posts about nothing and my hobby turned into a chore.

Creative Woe

Sometimes taking a step back is the best thing that you can do to get ideas flowing again. I’d like to start more themed posts of my DIY projects, knock offs of great stuff, wishlists and showcasing other amazing blogs.

I’m still working on some updates for the site and getting together great content. Thank you for your patience, I promise it will be worth it!




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